get hired with a great security guard resume

Writing Your Security Guard Resume

Writing your security guard resume can be tough if you don’t have much job history or experience in the field. However, even a graduate fresh out of high school can find ways to make a security guard resume stand out. Forget the “Objective” statement! The “objective” statement is no longer a helpful way to communicate…


How to Become a Security Guard in Georgia

Security guards do not strictly have to become licensed in Georgia. However, there are restrictions on who licensed security guard agencies can hire and send to work. The agency must also keep certain paperwork on you…and in many ways that paperwork mimics exactly the same paperwork you’d fill out to get a license in any…


How to Start a Career in Retail Loss Prevention

Retail loss prevention is an advanced sort of security guard career. While traditional physical security is a part of the job there are also strong investigative and business elements associated with the job. The responsibilities of today’s loss prevention professional goes well beyond the expected physical security, internal theft resolution, shoplifting and shrink to now…