How to Become a Bodyguard

No examination of security careers would be complete without addressing the bodyguard career path. Becoming a bodyguard can be both exciting and lucrative. There are a lot of opportunities out there for someone who is both dedicated and committed. What kind of education do you need? You can become a bodyguard with a high school…


Google Adds Security Guards to Bus Stops

Recent protests targeting Google commuter buses have prompted the tech giant to add security guards to San Francisco bus stops, according to Reuters. These security positions are interesting in part because they are plain clothes positions. It looks like the guards have been instructed to downplay that they are working for Google at all. On…

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Super Bowl to Ramp Up Security

If you live near East Rutherford, NJ, then you might be interested in this bit of industry news. Over 4000 police officers and private security guards will be deployed at the February 2 Super Bowl game according to The Daily Journal. If you’ve been working hard to finish your training or have recently received your…